Children’s Aprons (Red)



Children’s play aprons available in 7 different lengths measured from the highest point of the neckline to the lowest point of the hemline. Half length sleeves with elasticated cuffs. Velcro fastening on back. The polyurethane coated nylon material is light and protects clothing underneath from splashes and stains. Aprons should be hand washed only and are not suitable for tumble drying.

Size to age recommendation:

Size      Age recommendation

42cm     up to 18 months

60cm     2-3 years

65cm     3-4 years

70cm     4-5 years

75cm     6-8 years

80cm     9-10 years

86cm     11 years +

Please note that the suitability of the aprons may vary depending on the children’s sizes and the type/volume of clothing worn underneath the product.

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